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>> investigators have been tight lipped about the progress. but stress this is an active investigation. police are asking that anyone with information contact the plos department. at police headquarters nick smith abc 7 news. >> grief continues to grip newtown, connecticut. a procession of funerals reminds family, friends and neighbors of the tragedy that 7eá?ok place there a week ago, tomorrow, the services took place in new york. the emotional wake is shared around country. visitors are offering their support. >> there is no reason for a coffin that small, realy. i think that... have you to just come, say goodbye. >> the governor called for a moment of silence tomorrow at 6:30 in the morning our time, one week after the shooting. gf brown is calling fon all californians to join in that moment of silence.
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and we'll be streaming that special report live for you at abc 7 >> join us for that. san francisco mayor ed lee is throwing his support behind two measures designed to tighten san francisco's gun laws. the first banning certain types of ann ammunition. the second would require stores to report to police any ammunition sale of 500 rounds or more saying it's not only inspired by the massacre in connecticut but deadly gun violence happening san francisco. >> assault weapons and types of things we've seen in the hands of people who are doing evil or can do evil have no place. >> this is expected to be brought about the brth board next month. >> the connecticut shooting is not just focusing the nation's
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attention on gun control, but also, mental health issues what could put california on the spotlight. the state senate president protem urged the obama administration to emulate a law that raised income taxes on the wealthy to expand mental health prevention and intervention service autos expanding on college campuses and suicide prevention hot lines. and investing in support of housing. >> sks asking to match states dollar for dollar. you can post this badge to your facebook wall available
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>> you can see lighter rain around heelsburg area, goizers road. looking towards clover dale, highway 101, certainly wet. we have rain that is going to be spreading aconsiders the bay area, but it's slow going, 7:00 p.m. tonight. models painting wet weather across parts of the bay area and you'll notice, 5:00 a.m. tomorrow looks wet and windy. winds not lk good for the morning commute. is going to be still on the
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messy side and at 10:00 a.m. still across the heart of the bay area, i'll show you if this will affect your holiday travel plans. i can tell you there is snow in the mountains and it's going to be a big one this time around. >> thank you. a massive blizzard across the mid west is making it miserable for people trying to get a jump on their travels. up to a foot of snow has fallen with more expected over next few days. hundreds of flights have been cancelled including southwest airline flights to chicago midway airport, officials have been preparing for the first big storm of the season. >> crews have been working throughout the summer and into fall and winter preparing for it. there are full crews ready to go to make sure they're clean, and safe. >> as snow continues to fall, forecasters warning another system is on the way. >> a man was injured this
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morning after his legs were crushed by a steel beam in a machine shop. sky 7 was over the unico corporation right after the accident. the worker taken to the hospital for his injuries. he's believed to be 19 or 20 years old. cal osha is investigating. how and why the beam fell on this plan and employees declined to comment today. >> making pg&e gas pipelines safer will come at a cost to customers. ratepayers will try to prevent another san bruno disaster well. have more with more on this for us. >> in the end, the utility wanted the community to pay for almost all of the upgrade. means customers will see bill goes up over next few years more than two years after the explosion, the fight over who pays for improvements is still
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a raw ish yu. one0@ speaker was renee mor victimales. should should haven't to suffer because pg&e is making a profit from this explosion. they're picking up as though nothing happened and business, as usual. >> pg&e will have to test nearly 800 miles of pipeline. it's a $2.2 kbrinl upgrade. p.u.c. decided customers will pay more than half, about $1.2 billion for new pipeline and valve. share shoulders picking up the rest, about $1 billion. >> this is about moving forward, building the safest natural gas infrom a structure in the nation that. is our goal, now pg&e's goal as well. >> this decision will raise average residential rates about $1 to $2 a month but leaders furious that the commission let pg&e continue
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to earn a profit from making improvement autoses. >> they blew up our town, and now, making 11% on improvements. >> pg&e owns state of california p.u.c. this, is an example of that. it's shameful they'd allow pg&e to profit from behaviors and negligence and in my opinion, their criminal activity. >> that does not vote to fund this plan today, we'll continue this work. rs also, our shareholders have fronted about $1.5 billion since 2010. >> this rate increase will be about one and a half to 2%. the commission also said customers would not have to pay for any cost overruns. abc 7 news. >> thank you very much. >> we have breaking news tonight. a elementary school is under lock down in san rafael. police search for burglars in the area this, all started with a report of a burglary in a house just a block from
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coleman elementary. the call came in at 3:00 p.m. police locked the school down. we'll keep you updated. police searching for clues in the shooting death of a man in an apartment?kçñ buildg parking lot. the shooting and report of a man with i gun forced a lock down of a nearby school. more lock downs involving schools today, police tell us the victim did0e7ñ not live ine apartments but the family did. >> and we're learning about the incident yesterday in cupertino left this silver car with blown outside windows. a marine was on highway 85 when he heard shots being fired. the pictures from sky 7 hd show you it shut down all southbound lanes for an hour, police tell us it marine was in the targ yitd bit victim of
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a random shooting. >> and update on a story we first brought you this week about a brazen armed robbery inside of a packed walmart. police want to you take a look at this image. these pictures show two men they believe held up the davis street walmart monday afternoon at least one man was armed with a handgun when the pair robbed this store. this happened at the store was filled with shoppers. investigators are offering a $1,000 reward for information in this case.. >> a christmas toy give aby is in full swing tonight. thousands of families will have presents under the tree this year, what is really great about this, parents get to pick out the gifts. we're live with a nice story. hi, karina. >> hello, dan. it's a nice story. you're not going sow long lines wrapped around the block. every qualified shopper has an
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appointment. today, or tomorrow, they're a match with volunteers helping them navigate two rooms full of new, age-property toys books and clothing. in this room, wishes come true. moms like christine, rachel and teresa can forget their financial troubles for just a moment, relish in the joy of being able to put gifts under the key. teresa has five children. >> it's important to see them smile in the morning so that is a present i'm not able to provide without a job. >> this box program makes it possible nor nearly 5700 children to smile brighter. hundreds of volunteers help parents pick out two toys, and one book for every child on their list. santa's helpers range from chuck read to a former client
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herself. >> we'd line up, get food put put in the back of the car. to be able to give back is emotional. >> there is added emotion when every group gets to take part in a ravel for a new bike. 539 will be given away. owe raishel is a single mom with, three boys and a lucky ravel winner, her 16-year-old son is getting a surprise. >> he did havennfh a bike stolen earlier this year. it's going to be exciting for him. >> i'm excited for him. >> there is exitmentuñ exitment -- excitement and appreciation but sheyl3 was brought to tears at the thought of being able to give her 12-year-old daughter something she's never had. a new bike. >> for four, five years she's had hand me downs. she's give going to be thrilled. i'm just excited for her.
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happy this organization is, you know here for us. so thank you. >> you can be the reason for that thank you. donations are still needed. especially for teenagers. books and gift cards are high on the list. we've made it easy to help donate. just go to our web site abc 7 and click see it on tv for online donations. >> that is terrific, thank you very much. >> coming up hospital fine improperly caring for patient autos red hot items selling overseas to help stop the end of the world tomorrow. >> could something most women wear help detect breast cancer? how this technology claims to work. abc 7 news continues in one minute.
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flames and smoke shot out of a cab in this big rig today arc mazing pictures. this semi somehow caught fire and firefighters were able to quickly douse the flames. the driver of the semi got out, safely. >> a colorado man is facing federal charges for fly together south bay with the intent of having sex with a minor. he was arrested on december 9th, prosecutors say he came to san jose to have sex with a female under age 12. if convicted he faces a minimum of 30 years to life in prison. police arrested three people involved in a counterfeit money scam yesterday. officers say the three used counterfeit money to buy toys
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to return the toys for qash in pinole, police credit a guard who recognized the three them. tried using counterfeit cash in the past. >> three bay area hospitals have been fined by the state department of public health for not following rule whitz comes to caring for patients. kaiser hospital ordered to pay $100,000 for improperly using a medical device. the san francisco hospital also fined, $50,000 for not following the right surgical procedures during an operation. kaiser says they've addressed the violations. ucsf was also cited. they were fined 75 thu. >> and screening for breast cancer involves regular mammogram as long with self exams but now a nevada company working on another method involving technol women would that >> some bras zoin forward fashion, one model designed to be a life saver.
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first warning system says it could alert a woman to potential breast cancer. >> this is scanned throughout the breasts reporting back as a temperature. >> the bra designed to be worïp for 12 hours, heat sensors spot temperature changes in breast tissue that could indicate a growing tumor. >> we screen and we find the mamo was accurate to about 70%. the first warning system was accurate to about 90%, 90%, plus. >> in general it's an interesting concept and might prove that some point to have validity. at this point it's still, i think,zx2÷ experimental. >> dr. priest is the director of women's imaging and says mammograms are still critical for screenings, not just to detect potential cancers but help to confimpl a diagnosis. >> it's not enough to identify there is an abnormality. it's important to be able to use that technology to
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pinpoint the location so that the area of concern can be definitely and accurately biopsied he worries the system could result in an increase in mammograms and exposure to radiation. right now, it's recommended for women over age 40. makers of the smart bra say their device can establish a base line for younger women, then help monitor changes over time. >> this is pushed towards pro active medicine. trying to deal with ts well before we screen and find it. >> with projected price of around $200, developers believe the bra could be be an inexpensive option for women. and trials are continuing here in the united states, the company expects the bra will go on sale in europe next year. >> if the mayan calendar is accurate, people in itally's superstitious city have a secret weapon to survive.
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these red horns have been flying off the sheflz. they're a typical amullet for warding off bad luck. street vendors seeing a business opportunity here as -c, special limited edition red horns have been customized with the slogan against the end of the world. i suppose fit works they're worth the money. >> looks like a giant chill chilly -- chile pepper. >> and your holiday travel plans may be impacted. let me show you a live picture right now. it's dark out there. 59 this afternoon in san jose. from our camera, winter storm warning goesing up, just be aware of the fact that this could with slow going. check out live doppler 7 hd right now. i'll show were you rain is
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falling. storms moving in. we're seeing some rain developing steady from yu kia. clear lake and as you look here around guerneville, some moderate rain is showing up. kingridge road is picking up rain. traveling, watch out for rain@>. and temperatures now into 50s, today's high temperatures milder than yesterday but we did start out with mid to upper 20s to it was frosty cold. not going see that again tonight. with clouds coming in and rain moving in. 29 in half moon bay. wind advisories will be going up. i'll show were you in just a moment. wet, windy, winter arrives at 3:12 and more rain is in the forecast for the weekend. if you still have last minute shopping to do you'll need
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umbrellas soon if you're not going to use them yet. here is a slow moving storm. we have more waves of energy coming in this weekend meaning more rain for the weekend. tonight, 7:00 p.m. you can see rainfall. across parts of the north bay, east bay and that cold front is slow moving so this will see moderate rainfall with this system continuing at 7:00 a.m. fchl you are have travel floornz a morning commute watch out. it's going to be wet and windy. 9:00 a.m. we'll be watching for periods of rain for the afternoon and evening as you'll notice here. evening get away does not look good. so another band of heavier rain is possible thunder 5:00 showers for the rest of the saturday with another bandyf֖ f
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rain. snow mixing in around the lake county area. highest in the north bay mountains two and a half to five inches in the north bay. less across the rest of the bay area. urban and small stream flooding is a possibility. we do have a wind advisory for north bay mountains coast from 7:00 p.m. until 4:00 a.m. gusts up to 50 miles per hour with the ground getting wet owe could see trees toppling. winter storm warnings covering a good portion of the mountains. low snow levels. interstate 5 and 85 rb impacted. we're expecting to two to five feet of snow. we're looking at travel delays. moshing lows not as chilly.
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we're looking at low 40s toiw low 50s your afternoon highs will be into upper 40s to upper 50s, partly cloudy christmas eve, santa will have no problems chance of rain in the north bay, tuesday, christmas da day late afternoon evening, more wet weather wednesday, thursday. mike nico will be here and tracking the very latest with the live doppler 7 hd in the storm. >> thank you. >> coming up, a local bay area study finds we only need to get rit of a few drivers to speed up the commute for the rest of the us. >> and then new at 6:00 just in time for holidays bay area has become a major testing ground for same day deliveries. we'll have the story at 6:00. we'll be right back here.
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>> an interesting story on traffic. a study suggests asking a
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group of drivers to stay off the road is the better way to reduce rush hv÷=[ traffic by eliminating or delaying the trip to a small number of drivers, everyone else is travel time actually goes down. the study found canceling trips by drivers by 1% would cut 14% from the travel time of other drivers during rush hour. the study is in the online journal sighin tiffic reports. >> and the state government is reving up efforts to upgrade the vehicle fleet into one that does not harm the environment. the department showed off 10 new vehicles all electric nissan leaps which means they produce zero emissions and added four new charging stations in sacramento that can be used by the public. back in march, the governor ordered state agencies to increase use of the zero emission vick vehicles. goal to convert 10% of the fleet within three years time. >> from the north poel to
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depths of the sea. >> right, coming up next, santa goes to deliver joy for christmas. stay with us.
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coming up tonight at 6:00 abc 7 news i team shows how far a conartist will go, its an online rippoff. >> and michael finney turns to a local hockey team to find out the secret of texting in cold weather. plus... it is a legendary musical. don sanchez let's us know if it hits the right notes on the big screen. the review is coming up. more of course on abc 7 news at 6:00 finally, christmas may be only days away. >> take a look. jolly old st. nick taking a
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swim this morning. >> fish not thaim pressed but kids were. take a look at this girl. they waved and shouted out wish list autos how cool is that? jant clause will be diving in to the coral reef. this is "world news." tonight, the monster storm colliding with holiday travelers. cars piled up on roads. drivers rescued by the national guard. airports shutting the gates. harrowing stories pouring in. solutions to gun violence. police show us something simple. the few seconds they say they need to make the difference between life and death. new warning. what if a surgeon left this inside your abdomen? a new report on how often and why this keeps happening. and, attention shoppers. can a company really keep a promise to deliver your holiday gifts in one hour? we put it to the test.

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